The field of Architecture and Real Estate has been considerably behind in terms of how we do business with each other. Prior to the pandemic, we used to go to a high amount of networking events, wandering around and setting up meetings with as many people as possible. And this without really knowing if an opportunity may or may not come out of it.

When the pandemic hit last year, my phone started ringing day and night with people from our field panicking with the idea of not being able to attend these precious events. How were we going to…

Nowadays, globalisation, technologies and innovations are moving forward extremely fast. In contrast to this phenomenon, it is safe to say that the architecture field continues to be old fashion and a traditional institution. So how can architecture be as futuristic as the fast-moving world of today?

Architecture practices are functioning in the same way as 100 years ago and are still led by a majority of white men who have acquired experience throughout many, many years of practice as an architect/designer/draftsman. …

Nowadays more and more industries are improving their products and services thanks to data science. But what would it be its impact if it was to be integrated within the Design & Build Process?

The first step of data science is essentially collecting data about individuals such as what they like or dislike, what their habits are, what they are interested in, what makes them happy and more. This data can be obtained by sending questionnaires to people, by analysing their behaviour on social media platform or online, and even by conducting a simple survey. …

Giulia de Mauro

Founder of the ibd company — Architect & International Business Development Director | Learn to Grow your Architecture Business

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